Getting Quality Signs for your Business in Los Angeles

When it comes to advertising and marketing, most businesses will often go for television, radio, the internet, and social networks. Most of them will overlook signage, and for those who have signs, it is often an afterthought, thus most of them have very poorly designed signs. What you probably do not know is that signage can actually account for 50% of your customers and it is the most effective and cheapest way of advertising. Therefore, you should not take it for granted; ensure that you have customized and well-designed signs as they are your business’ voice on the street. Below are some important things about signage that could be of help to you.

Elements of a good sign

Most business operators consider signs as a means of notifying people about their location, probably because they are yet to understand the effect of signage on potential customers. You should use signs as a means of advertising your business and be able to compete with others. However, it is important that your signs be able to pass the message in an instant, whether to passersby or to the drivers; they should be easy to read and understand. They should therefore combine and blend the following elements effectively: The right size, height, illumination, and placement.

Benefits of signs

Signs bring in new customers to your business. They should not just be seen as locators but also as marketing tools. It is likely that almost half of your customers knew about your business through the on premise sign. Passers by always look at signs when they are looking to shop for something and very few remember TV adverts or newspaper adverts. The more striking your sign is, the more customer traffic you are likely to attract.

Good signs improve your profit returns significantly. This is because they attract impulse shoppers in large numbers. Therefore ensure that you replace your shoddy sign with something bigger and attractive. It is also the cheapest form of advertising and therefore you will not spend a lot of money on the sign but the returns are always worthwhile.

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