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A Guide to Market Research and Landing Pages All good business people swear by marketing as the cornerstone of their businesses. Among the standard and most helpful marketing tools is market research. Market research lets people know what people think of the company. With market research, it is easy to ascertain the reason people are not taking to what is being offered. Market research goes hand in hand with landing pages, and this provides marketers with the needed information for their work. Here are some tips to aid you in converting more users to your offers. Users visit landing pages seeking accurate information and do not need to be bombarded with too much information. This is usually a turn off because they are only there for a short time. One should always cater to the needs of their clients by highlighting the qualities of the goods and services succinctly and clearly. Make sure that customers will get answers to their questions after just a few minutes on the website.
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Your content should solve their problems for them or address any interests they might be having. Poor formatting can send clients away. In this regard, one will have to format their sub-headers and headers in the correct way.
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It is always advisable to use bullet points that are easy to scan to prove to the user how they will benefit from that particular product or service. The main points can be highlighted using italics and bold texts on the page. You should also develop a proper layout of the page with text, images and forms in the correct places. A visual-friendly page will help convert people to use the product, service or offer. A good landing page should also have the correct color combination. The best way of using colors will be to use different colors. One should be able to tell the call-to-action as soon as they get to the page. For instance, if one needs the users to fill a form or submit a form, they should be able to do it without much hassle. A set of complementary colors will serve the same purpose. You can convert more people by presenting them with proof that your offer has satisfied other customers. You will need to include social proof on your landing page for credibility purposes. This comes in the form of case studies and testimonials. You can use social media to get the testimonials. You need express permission from the posters to publish their testimonials. For easy identification of the page, use the company’s logo on the page as well. Granted, the logo may command most of the attention from the user and should be placed strategically. The position you use for the logo should be the same for all the landing pages. This helps for consistency. Companies often change the layout of their pages for various reasons. Lack of uniformity will drive away users.