Everyone Loves Buttons Inc. Now Shipping For Election Season


(Phoenix, AZ)—Everyone Loves Buttons® Inc., one of the leading providers of custom buttons and button-making supplies, has recently announced that they are now shipping orders for the 2016 election season. The company invites candidates, campaign managers, lobbyists, and cause leaders to place their order now for custom buttons that will give them a unique and memorable way to deliver and spread their messages. Customers can browse the array of button sizes and styles available as well as place a custom order directly on the Everyone Loves Buttons® website.

Maura Statman, the owner of Everyone Loves Buttons®, stated “The 2016 campaign season is upon us. This means that voters are being inundated with influences from so many different sources, and it can be difficult for candidates to really get their message across in a succinct yet memorable way. This is where Everyone Loves Buttons can help. Buttons are a keepsake item and the perfect way for supporters to wear their hearts on their sleeves – literally. Our campaign buttons are of high-quality and will make any message – or messenger – stand out.”

Everyone Loves Buttons® Inc. has been in business since 1997. In the last 19 years, they have produced buttons for high-profile Presidential candidates, including John McCain, Fred Thompson, John Edwards, and Ralph Nader. The company was also chosen to create buttons for “No on Prop 8” campaigns. Everyone Loves Buttons® manufactures their own buttons right here in the U.S.A. ensuring high quality and eliminating the expense of the middle man. At everyonelovesbuttons.com, they make the ordering process easy, guarantee their low prices, and have a variety of sizes and styles available for purchase.

“For candidates and supporters who want to be heard loud and clear, it doesn’t get any easier than buttons,” said Statman. “Our team is excited to be able to play a part in helping those who desire to serve our country get their message out to their supporters so that they can spread the word more easily and efficiently.”

About Everyone Loves Buttons® Inc.:

Everyone Loves Buttons® Inc. was established in 1997 in San Diego, CA. and has grown to become one of the top custom pin-back button manufacturers in the country. In March 2005, they expanded their button manufacturing capabilities and relocated to Phoenix, AZ. In 2008, they became a Nationally Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBENC). Their customer service approach helps customers save time and money, allowing them to purchase directly from the manufacturer. All button parts are genuine quality made in the U.S.A. and state-of-the-art electric button machinery is used to produce 2 piece, mylar-topped pin-back custom buttons.

Source: http://www.wdam.com/story/32037283/news

Why No One Talks About Films Anymore

The Different Kinds of Video Productions

Corporate Video Production is defined as having audio visual communications material like HD online video, streaming video, or other similar media commissioned usually to a company or an organization and online business websites’ use. Corporate videos are video clips that are used for advertising a company where they would be able to showcase their services, their credibility and the assurance of their production. Usually, it is made or created for a certain purpose in a business to business or corporate to business environment and it is more likely viewed by only a specific or determined target market. Usually, it includes things like the products, services, advertising videos of the company, and entertainment videos. Below are the most common types of corporate of business video productions.

Some of the forms of corporate video are Product demos or service demos. Product demos are very interactive, entertaining and easy to digest so that it can immediately pick the audience’s interest. This will encourage the viewers to avail the product because they will feel like the product is good and reliable. This type of corporate video production will most likely leave a great, strong and lasting effect. On top of that, it will also encourage and entice the viewers to check out the company and they will eventually become potential customers.

Lecture video presentation and seminar video presentation boosts the viewers for your conferences, conventions, seminars, talks, and the like if you live case them on your website then, you can just post the modified version of the presentation afterwards in order to extend or prolong the value of the video. Community service presentations, business will then build community credibility by doing charity contribution by giving cash or products, or by doing volunteer work. The company may also do community service through giving contributions that will be channeled through trusted local nonprofit organizations. It will be very cost effective if the company will use its in-house resources.

Video advertising information that is showing the hippest, coolest, and trendiest services and products may be promoted as a news release on websites like YouTube. By using the social media to promote and show the videos, there will be more people can be attracted to watch.

If it is well organized, news or media outlets may stream the videos for free, especially if the news outlets are highly influential and very popular. A concrete example is, a company or a business which will launch or release a new product or service that is tied with a big or known charitable institution could get the attention of many people as the company or business may have mystified them.

Staff motivation video, a type of video that has a content that inspires people, is undoubtedly a truly great way to create a wonderful team that focuses on hardwork, creativity, and loyalty.

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A Quick Rundown of Businesses

Benefits of Using Video Production in Advertising

As of the moment, 37% of internet content are video productions. Since film production was invented, this has been used optimally as a way of meeting and touching the audience as a means of advertising and television commercial is the most popular. Film production has also improved along with time and now we are enjoying digital productions.

Because of the sudden increase in the sales of Digital Video Recorders, television commercials are getting outmoded. Because of the DVR, the audience has the power to simply go forward quickly to avoid the long run of commercials. For television, this means that the advertising budgets are now unneeded. For this reason, many companies have placed online advertising as top priority.

The Perks of Video

Video production is crucial in advertising because it closes the deal. That is the only ground, nothing else. More customers are likely to opt for a certain product or service when they are shown a video, and the decision to buy is also faster, as indicated by a survey conducted by a business school. Because of the video presented, many customers feel that they understand the product or service better.

1. Apportioning Video

Many consumers watch a film production when they receive it but more will pass it to family and friends. Video promotion elicits six times higher reaction reviews from consumers rather than the conventional print advertisement. Because the videos in business card DVD’S are regarded as more valuable and so are not discarded like ordinary mails. Curiosity can make people watch a whole marketing video, even if they have no intention to purchase.

3. Reasonably-priced and steady message

By using the video, it is easier to reach markets that were not previously reached by sales people. Video aids in delivering messages to small market places that are in far areas, or to those who cannot afford to pay for live training. It also assists by showing the same message each and every time for the viewers. It is a reliable training source and can accommodate up to any number of viewers. Whether your company is small in size or it is a big corporation, it can benefit your company and it also fits the budget. Audience can learn more from a short video presentation than a high stack of reading materials.

3.Highly Efficient Sales Device

Product or service can make the product move, which is something you cannot see on brochures. It is also helpful to show customers using the product to portray the advantages of the product like Video Testimonials Grand Rapids Michigan. Investors are easily convinced when shown videos. Creating the video to accept edits in the form of add-ons, you can redo the video without paying a lot.

4. Motion can draw feelings

Video is an effective tool because it can make the viewer feel. Sounds and images can be persuasive. With film, viewers can also see the difference a product or service makes and be convincing enough to show that improvement happened.

The internet is filled with many videos. This is a proven technique in reaching the audience. iCustomers gain a better view of the product through Video Production Michigan. This is a great advertisement tool. A lot of businesses are now using videos and online advertising.

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Drinks

Exploring the World of Whiskey

Whiskey is a real man’s drink. If that drink has always intrigued you, you might find it daunting to try. Tons of brands and varieties and terms and opinions on how to drink and all – it can be a complicated world out there. First off, whiskey is a generic word for distilled spirits produced from grain mash. Rye, Scotch and Bourbon are types of whiskey, so they can be quite similar in appearance and taste. But they do have differences – four, to be exact – and they are location of distillation, type of grain used, type of cask used, and length of aging.

Subtypes of Whiskey

If you’re thinking of trying whiskey, your first question will likely be which type of whiskey to start with.

There are three whiskey subtypes. Single malt whiskey is made by combining whiskey produced from the same distillery, where the age of the combined drink is the age of the youngest whiskey in the mix. This is the most common whiskey you’ll encounter.

Another subtype, single cask whiskey, is bottled entirely from one cask. You can find this in smaller distilleries or as one of an elite or novelty line produced by a big distillery.

Finally, blended whiskey is made by blending same-type whiskey together, although in rare cases, people will mix different types, like Scotch and Bourbon.

Drinking Your Whiskey

Now we’re in the most exciting part – drinking your whiskey.

Here are four ways:


Whiskey neat, or whiskey in a glass at room temperature – is thought by many as the only pure way to enjoy good whiskey. The concept is to experience the spirit as the distiller intended, that is, without dilution.

Mixed with Water

Many people think whiskey must be diluted with water. Just a capful is okay and use only spring or clear distilled water because chlorine can really change the taste. People actually add water to whiskey for functional reasons. It gives you the chance to enjoy the drink without it melting your tongue.

A third way of drinking whiskey is with ice, a preparation known as on the rocks. Although quite popular, a lot of people think it wastes the spirits away. And if tap water was used to make the ice, we go back to the problem with chlorine. If you want whiskey ice-cold, just make sure the ice was made from high quality water.


Of course, drinking your whiskey in a cocktail is always an option, but not high-end whiskey. That would be such a waste.

Then again, at the end of the day, it’s only you who can decide how to drink your whiskey.It’s yours anyway.

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A Quick Rundown of Marketing

Good Points About Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one unique sales method which includes approaching the potential customers. The target of direct marketing is to provide information to the customers without the need to use media. To make sure that the direct marketing becomes successful, then it is very important for the business individuals to maintain a huge database of the personal information of customers.

Direct marketing is really common to the business groups or those service providers with a particular market, the traditional methods of marketing like radio or newspapers are not being utilized. Another excellent reason why this is being utilized by so many companies is that this method can be directly measured. For example, if you would send some emails to the customers that provide them the description of the products that you have, you can know the actual number of the people who have responded. Hence, such method of marketing will depend on the customer’s response.

The direct marketing is known to assist or help in solving some of the challenges which have emerged in the market that can enable the business owners to have new customers and then grow on the profitability of the customers. It is thought that there are so many customers that get so many messages which give the business people the opportunity to deliver really good results on the investment.

Through the use of this marketing method, the business owners have been given the opportunity to get a higher efficiency and also reduce the wastage because they are targeting the customers whom they think will purchase or respond to them. After knowing those prospective customers, it is a lot easier for the business to provide more options to a lot of customers. For example you may send them a request and invite them to join a business affiliate program because they can get the experience of buying your goods. Because of this, you can develop that strong relationship with the customers. It must be noted, however, that through the use of email as a way to reach your customers, you must also be able to follow all the professional approach that can help you obtain more customers.

There are several benefits that you can get through the use of direct marketing with the goal of reaching to those potential customers who will allow the business owners to get more profits from the investment that they make. It would help a lot when you study more about the different advantages that you can get from direct marketing so that you can be convinced about why you should use this kind of marketing method for your business and for you to get the best benefits. Once you have chosen the marketing method that works, then you can surely increase your return of investment which is what you really want to do.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Businesses

Interior Painting Contractors – Valuable Tips To Know That Will Save You From Troubles in The Future Taking all the possible factors into consideration when it comes to any home project is very important. If you are looking for ways to improve the looks of the interiors of your home, you should know that there are many ways to go about it but interior painting is considered to be one of the best. But when it comes to getting the best possible output, you need the right expert to help you achieve the goal which means you are going to need to hire the services of a painting contractor. However, with the sheer number of painting contractors available in the market nowadays, you will find that it’s not quite easy to find the painting contractor to do the job for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to do many things except to follow a few tips when it comes to finding the right painting contractor so that the interior look of your house that you want can be achieved without too much trouble. You should know that there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you search for the right painting contractor who will help you get the interior looks of your dreams. You should know that one of the most important factors you need to consider is how long the company has been in existent when it comes to the painting business. You should know that a company that has existed for more than a few decades in the business of painting is considered to be great and it would be a better choice compared to the newer companies because they have much more experiences. Of course, the price is one of the most important factors that you should take into account when you are choosing the right painting contractor but the ability of the painting contractor to finish the job according to schedule and more importantly, according to your desires is also very important so keep it in mind when you do your search. Among the many things you can do to make your search easier is to ask around, especially from friends and family members for references because their experiences will play a large role in saving you some of the problems that you may encounter in the future.
The Best Advice on Services I’ve found
Checking the background of the company when it comes to customer relationship is also very important because you will also want to build a relationship with the company the will make the interiors of your home great. Your home will surely become something that will leave anyone who comes inside in a state of awe when you follow all these steps to find the right painting contractor that will do the job for you.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Businesses

Lessons Learned About Businesses

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Anxiety and Depression Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression are actually common. More or less 20% of the population suffer from anxiety disorders while 10% have disorders related to depression. These problems are addressed mainly through psychotherapy. But other procedures such as getting a therapeutic massage in Newport RI have also proved to be helpful. Depression and anxiety impairs the capacity of an individual to function normally. They have a difficult time trying to integrate themselves to society and usually have trouble finding stable employment opportunities. The struggles they have to go through tend to pile up and aggravate their condition. While these conditions can usually be treated through psychotherapy, it is not as accessible for a lot of people. Some people get intimidated by the cost while others simply do not want to be labelled as a loony seeking psychotherapy. There are also those who have problems taking the prescribed medications.
The Ultimate Guide to Professionals
One great alternative or supplement to seeing a therapist and taking medications is massage therapy. Researchers have found that massage therapy in Newport RI can effectively relieve anxiety and streaks of depression. There has been great improvement on those patients who have undergone a series of massage therapy sessions.
The Art of Mastering Businesses
A research done at the University of Miami Medical School showed that patients who were clinically depressed improved their mood and behaviour after undergoing massage therapy for 30 minutes every day. More studies were done later on proving how massage therapy can help not only those who have depression but also those who suffer from anxiety disorders as well. However, the benefits for those with anxiety disorders is milder compared to those with depression. How does massage therapy work? It is not exactly known why massage therapy has that kind of effect on patients with depression and anxiety disorders. However, experts suggest that this may be due to the fact that massage therapy puts the body in a relaxed state. Since massage therapy makes the muscles more relaxed, the hormones in the body also become more balanced and this leads to an improved mood and disposition. Humans are also built to respond to touch and it has an inexplicable healing effect. As depression and anxiety are serious conditions, it is not advisable for patients to forego psychological treatment. While a therapeutic massage in Newport RI can help improve their situation, one cannot solely rely on it. A combination of all techniques and procedures available to them would be the best solution to help hasten their recovery. It is best to consult the psychotherapist before going to a massage therapist. The two should be working hand in hand for the welfare of the patient.

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

Choose the Right Remodeling Service Provider for Your Home Remodeling Project Nowadays, more and more homeowners find the importance of remodeling their home. This kind of project is made easier and quicker through the help of professional remodeling services. There are various reasons why people go for remodeling projects. The most common reasons are to add the value of the property and to add more space for growing needs. Regardless of your own reason, you need to consider having a professional renovation service. Every homeowner has a plan on how to make their home more interesting and impressive. The common problem with most homeowners is that they depend on their own knowledge and skills. If you don’t, then your plans will just remain as plans. Since there are already several remodeling companies out there, then you will sure find the one that fits your expectations. A far better home is within reach with the help of the professionals.
The Art of Mastering Remodels
In order to find the remodeling company that will help you, there is a need for you to conduct your own research. The first thing you should look for is the one who is reliable and experienced in providing remodeling services. Before deciding to choose the company, always determine if they can carry out the specific task that you require. You need to be very cautious in choosing since you will always want someone you can trust. You need to make sure that the company has already made a remodeling project like your requirements. This is the main reason why you need to make your own research before signing any contract.
The Beginners Guide To Remodels (Chapter 1)
Another thing that you need to consider is getting free quotes from your choices of remodeling companies. After, spend time to compare the quotes you have gathered. This is a great way to get the best deal. If you already have found a company with ample of experiences at the best price, then it is time to talk with them. Tell them about your plan as well as your requirements. While telling them all the relevant information they need to know, determine their willingness to perform the job. What is great when you know that you have the best remodeling professionals is that they will help make sure that your project will turn out great. How you feel about the professionals will also affect your decision. Once you are comfortable with them, then it will be easier for you to communicate. Starting your project can began as soon as you found the best service providers in town. These are the different things you need to consider when finding home remodeling professionals. Remember that best results can only happen when you are working with the right professionals.

News For This Month: Remodels

What People Need To Do In Improving The Look For Their Home By Hiring A Professional Remodeling Service There are a number of homes today that are old and needs to be remodeled and to improve the look and functions of their home. These old homes usually have really old paint which needs to be repainted while it also has decaying walls of their house which must be renovated in order for their home to look brand new. This is where a professional remodeling service can come in and help them in trying to remodel their home and make it look good and brand new. Homeowners mostly find it difficult to remodel certain areas of their home and properties because of the reason that they are not that skilled and lacks the experience on how to remodel their property. Trying to hire a professional remodeling service is one of the top options which property owners can pick because of the reason that they have the needed knowledge on how they can design and remodel homes of their different clients. When people decides to hire a professional remodeling service, they can expect to save money and additional problems in their project because they work in an efficient manner in having to renovate the different areas of their clients home. Homeowners needs to hire a veteran professional remodeling service to help their clients in looking for a number of design problems in their home that can make the project to be really expensive. One of the very best approach for homeowners to look for a professional remodeling service is to inquire for referrals from people that have provided them with service in the past.
The Art of Mastering Services
Homeowners can ask for referrals from their friends, colleagues and family members and ask for a professional remodeling service that they can recommend to them. These professional remodeling service can also provide their clients with great interior designers, renovators and different contractors to work on their home to be remodeled. Property owners must take their time in searching for a professional remodeling service, they need to be very patient in order for them to not have problems with their decision in hiring a particular service.
5 Uses For Services
Homeowners must choose a professional remodeling company that can has insurance coverage to pay for the costs on damages that has been done to their home accidentally. Homeowners must make sure that these professional remodeling services have complete tools and equipment in remodeling the homes of their clients. Professional remodeling service are one of the best services that people can hire when they are having problems with their homes that are getting old and is decaying.

What Research About Experts Can Teach You

Getting Acquainted with Pest Control Services No one could ever deny the fact that people give so much attention with the residential properties that they have. In line with this, home owners would make it sure that their homes are properly taken cared of. Despite the fact that people try to avoid problems to happen in their homes, issues will certain find their way. It is important for you to bear in mind that people really try their best to address the problems that they have using pest control services. You have to remember that pest control services are very crucial if you want to maintain order in your home. Pest control services can actually provide you the guarantee that there is nothing for you to worry about as you stay in your homes. There is a need for you to realize that problems on pests might not be very predictable because even doing general cleaning cannot prevent these things from happening. The funny thing is most home owners do not want to spend so much on pest control services that they usually do these things all by themselves. People should be aware that the sprays that are commonly found in stores to help people with their pest control problems might not really help them in the long run. Since most pests had been quite exposed to the same chemicals again and again, they had somehow strengthen their resistance on these things. If you are someone who has an apartment, a mansion, and a condo, you have to anticipate that you will facing pest control problems in the future.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Experts
Since people had been very desperate in looking for something that could solve their problems involving pests, most experts had formulated ways on how to eradicate all these pests. You need to know that there are some pests that are really very difficult to eradicate right away. The best thing you can do for the species is to look for a way on how you can manage them until they can be eradicated in the long run. The success of controlling pests can be achieved if people are able to properly choose the kind of treatment that they need to have.
The Key Elements of Great Options
One of the things that you can do is to look for a company that will give you the pest control services that you need. If you are able to get a company that is a professional in eliminating pests, you are certain that the establishment has experts to help you with all your needs. Companies that offer pest control services can actually give you the things that you need to have in your home. A company that must be chosen by home owners should always make sure that the welfare of their clients is its topmost priority.